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Product: Cashew Powder

Cashew Powder

Cashew powder is a versatile culinary ingredient renowned for its smooth texture and nutty flavor. Crafted from high-quality cashew seeds, this powder offers a convenient way to incorporate the essence of cashews into various dishes. Whether used for baking, as a thickener for soups, gravies, and sauces, or as a coating for meats and fish, cashew powder adds richness and depth to culinary creations. With its fine consistency and distinct taste, it seamlessly blends into recipes, enhancing their flavor and texture.


  • Creamy Texture and Rich Flavor: Cashew powder is renowned for its creamy texture and rich flavor, crafted from high-quality cashew nuts.
  • Versatile Usage: It offers a convenient way to infuse the essence of cashews into various dishes, whether as a thickening agent for creams and sauces, incorporated into smoothies and milkshakes, or used in baking breads and baked goods.
  • Enhanced Taste and Texture: Cashew powder enhances the taste and texture of culinary creations, seamlessly integrating into recipes and elevating their flavor profile.

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