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Since 1978, our family's entrepreneurial journey began in a rural town of Western India, aiming to share the natural aroma and taste of the region's agricultural treasures with the world. Starting with a humble grocery store, our commitment led to expanding into wholesale dealings, specializing in pulses, grains, and spices for the local market.

In 2005, we established Prime Agro Food Products, introducing a dehydration plant for onions, garlic, and vegetables. Initially, our processes were traditional, but with evolving times and technology, we adapted to meet the demands of the global food industry. This transformation extended to our working systems and infrastructure, ensuring alignment with modern standards and practices.

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To be the best in quality supply in Dehydration Industry.


To grow our company with Teamwork and customer satisfaction with supplying the quality of products and service.

Core values

Trust + Transparency + Team work + Time and Commitment


Integrity in the workplace means that you strive to do the right thing, even when you think no one is looking. You may also value honesty and transparency.

Our Working Process

Inhouse Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory now offers physical, chemical, and microbiological testing, meeting ISO 17025 standards.


Certified Laboratory

Our laboratory is certified to ISO 17025 standards, ensuring reliability and accuracy in all testing procedures.


Rigorous Testing

We conduct rigorous testing in our certified laboratory, guaranteeing precise results for quality assurance.


Our History


In the year 1978, the family Entrepreneur set on a journey with a vision to cater the world with Natural Aroma and taste of the agricultural resources of India subcontinent.

The family comes from rural town of Western India and started a grocery store. Continues effort in the business opened doors of the wholesale dealing in pulses, grains and spices for local market.


In the year 2005, Setup Dehydration plant of Onion, Garlic and vegetables under the name of Prime Agro Food Products. The company was started with system to process the products but with the change in time and technology we adopted to the world food industry. The change was also brought to the working system and infrastructure of the processing unit.

Prime have geographical opportunity of being in the midst of highest and abundant growing region with winter crop of Onion, Garlic, Coriander, Cumin, Red Chilli etc. With an Opportunity to serve our client.


Then in 2022 change was also brought in working system and infrastructure of the processing unit. A separate facility was setup for dehydrated products a fully automatic plant. Our Experience and persistent effort is our asset of the company.

This helped us to adopt international food standard with world class technology. With passing years Food Safety became our top priority and we do not compromise on the safety of our products. The endurance in the field of dehydration brought us to a stand where we adopted world class facility in production and quality.

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