Quality Policy

For any business the main strength i.e., the back-bone of a company or an organization is their workers or employees. Prime Agro Food products have a strong team of employees to cover and spread our market in the existing business market. Along with the employees one should have also good management power in order to complete the undertaken tasks. Besides, our facilities are top of the line

Prime Agro Food products was established in 2004 and within a short span of time we specialize in producing quality dehydrated onions and garlic.

Quick and Assured Turn Around Time

With a very high scalable capacity in terms of man-hours per day, operating round the clock, we cater to huge volumes at a very short turnaround time by using high-end machineries and links for our back-office and data processing operations.

"We provide export quality dehydrated vegetables and we specialize in producing dehydrated onions and garlic backed by rigorous quality control standards. We guarantee 100% quality."

Even though turnaround, efficiency and cost are important, quality is always our top most priority. Supported by our innovative group system, we have set processes, which make sure that our products goes through rigorous quality control tests before reaching the customer. We also have an extensive reporting system in place, which enables us to maintain accountability and accuracy. In addition, we guarantee turnaround time too.

Key additions that strengthen the organization :

Fail proof communication systems and processes

Use of tools and applications for all critical requirements

We are a member of

apeda d&b

spices-board     Rajkot Chamber Of Commerce



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